Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Artwork Wednesday

Artwork Wednesday: Jurassic World, Okja + more!

Artwork Wednesday this week comes to you on a Friday, and I’m not even sorry. I’ve been away from Artwork Wednesday for a while, for reasons I will not go into now, but I’m so excited to be back that I’m not going to wait until Wednesday!

I’m sure I’ve definitely missed so many gorgeous posters, but I shall refrain from making an extra long post to save you from endless scrolling. Instead, I hope you’ll enjoy the following four posters that have caught my eye recently.  Continue reading

Artwork Wednesday

Artwork Wednesday: Phantasm, Buster’s Mal Heart, A Dog’s Purpose + more!

A big dog face, lots of beads and buttons, and a little bit of creepiness is what you’ll find in this somewhat sizeable edition of Artwork Wednesday! Six glorious film and television posters await your eyes below!

1. Food Choices
Food Choices

© Gravitas Ventures

The trailer for Food Choices just missed the cut for this week’s Trailer Tuesday, as the film came out on the 2nd of September, but I have no problem including this cheeky poster in Artwork Wednesday! I love editing photographs, and I did a whole project editing images of animals at uni. The quote in the table cloth is clever, and I love the stare of the cow…

2. A Dog’s Purpose
A Dog's Purpose

© Universal Pictures / Entertainment One

This is like a super close up version of the cow in the Food Choices poster… except it’s a dog! How can anyone who loves dogs and animals not love this poster? It’s so fluffy!! *shakes unicorn soft toy*

3. The Last Man on Earth
The Last Man on Earth

© Fox Network

A bit of a different inclusion here, as The Last Man on Earth is a TV programme rather than a film, but I couldn’t resist the beautiful detail of this poster! Look at all those buttons and beads! I like the opening of space for the title too, but it’s mostly the buttons. All the buttons!

4. Certain Women
Certain Women

© IFC Films

It’s so delicate. Lovely negative space. Beautifully soft, muted colours. It’s everything I love.

5. Buster’s Mal Heart
Buster's Mal Heart

© Everything Is Everything / Gamechanger Films / Snowfort Pictures

It’s the upside-down clock, and Rami Malek’s look over the counter there that got me on this one. The colour palette is warming, but there is a distance and abstraction that contrasts this warmth, simultaneously raising a lot of questions.

6. Phantasm

© Embassy Pictures / Well Go USA

The composition and art style, the white border and colours, the positioning and size of the text and its font, it’s all very well done, and there’s more detail at every glance you take.

If nothing else, I hope this week’s Artwork Wednesday cheered you up with a big ol’ fluffy puppay face! 🙂

Voyage of Time
Artwork Wednesday

Artwork Wednesday: Blair Witch, Voyage of Time + AHS

Something creepy, something spacey, and something creepy and spacey! This is what you’re in for in this episode of Artwork Wednesday! Oh wait, this is a blog post not an episode… ahh I must be confused by the inclusion of a TV poster this week! 😉

1. Blair Witch
Blair Witch

© Lionsgate

I know that the shape the trees are creating is a creepy shape, but I love the shape in the context of this poster. It’s also why I included the recent Blair Witch trailer in last week’s Trailer Tuesday, as it was a feature of the title cards, which I thought were great!

2. Voyage of Time
Voyage of Time

© Wild Bunch / Broad Green Pictures / IMAX

I was originally going to include a different Voyage of Time poster here, but when finding the image to embed I came across this one and was very taken by it. It’s so bold. … And sciencey.

3. American Horror Story

© FX Network

I tried to get into American Horror Story once. Tried and failed I’m afraid. But that doesn’t stop me from liking this AHS poster! I just really like the smoke. Of course it means nothing to me because I don’t watch the programme, but the negative space and sense of scale is lovely.

I just realised all the posters this week focus on some sort of shapely designs in the centre of each poster. You can tell what kind of posters I like 🙂 Cya!