Soldier Bee
Artwork Wednesday

Artwork Wednesday: Amanda Knox and Soldier Bee

Another strong Artwork Wednesday this week, with a favourite poster of mine I’ve been meaning to include for weeks, probably months, and a poster for the Netflix documentary Amanda Knox, bringing imagery with a challenging stance.

1. Amanda Knox
Amanda Knox

© Netflix

I just, love the tightness. It’s an odd thing to like, but the close crop brings intensity and draws you to study every detail of the image, analysing the person you see, which, if I’m not mistaken, it a good representation for the documentary itself.

2. Soldier Bee
Soldier Bee

© Sky Blue Films

I saw this poster such a long time ago now it seems, but I just keep forgetting to include it in an Artwork Wednesday! It has such delicacy and elegance, in the art style, the colours, and even the tiny labels, which are such a simple and enticing touch. It really intrigues me.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Everything Before Us
The Movies Tag

The Movies Tag Q19: Favourite indie film?

QUESTION: Favourite indie film?
ANSWER: Everything Before Us

Everything Before Us is the film you’ve probably never heard of, but the film you should have heard of. It is by Wong Fu Productions, a passionate filmmaking team who have grown the bulk of their 2.5 million strong following online. They started by sharing their films via internet downloads, then gradually became more and more popular through their short comedy-romance films ever since YouTube was invented.

One of their main importances is that they aim to give Asian people a greater presence in the film industry, both on and off screen, but their stories are ones that anyone and everyone can relate to. What I personally love about Wong Fu’s films is their aesthetic style. There is a dreamy, uncluttered beauty present in every one of their films. That’s just how Wong Fu do it, and I gotta tell you, it makes them very easy to enjoy.

True to form, Everything Before Us is no less beautiful than a stag stood in the distance on a snow-covered forest floor… but it is a lot more tangible. The basic idea is that this is a world in which everyone gets a, sort of, ‘relationship score sheet’, as a way of organising love and removing the chaos from the relationship minefield. The film follows different people, each at different stages in their relationships, alongside this structured concept.

Relationships are a main aspect of Wong Fu’s films, and sure that’s nothing unique in the film industry, but somehow through their collective eye they are able to give each of their stories a worldly meaning, purpose, and beauty in unexpected ways.

I would highly recommend taking a look at their channel and Everything Before Us (which is actually their first feature film!), especially if you are interested in films and filmmaking, comedy, romance, or even just a real nice bunch of guys and girls. Let me know if you do check them out, and what your favourite film or video is of theirs!

P.S. It’s not Saturday… posts are better late than never right?

Bee and Puppycat
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The Movies Tag Q12: Favourite short film?

QUESTION: Favourite short film?

Cargo is a short film about zombies. Pretty fitting for a post on Halloween right? My first thought when I hear about a new zombie film is usually ‘Blah blah yet another zombie film.’ How many ways can we depict a zombified world? More often than not, they are the same – a zombie virus breaks out, the situation escalates, the heroes fight them off, and they eventually begin a new life in the wreckage of the carnage.

No. This is a zombie film that is not about zombies.

I don’t want to say anymore, because I think it’s nice going into the film not knowing anything else. 

What I will say, is that this film proves me wrong: there will always be new avenues to explore, new perspectives on genres and themes, even with zombies. 

Seeing as I find it difficult to pick favourite films, I have to mention two of my other favourite short films as well, otherwise this just wouldn’t be a truthful answer from me now would it! The first is Bee and Puppycat, which is so popular among fans that it has been turned into a web series. I love the style of this short, and how every little detail is carefully considered and gently hilarious. What does that even mean? For now, here is the original short:

The second is Lava, a recent Pixar short that was shown before screenings of Inside Out (of course, if you’ve been following Trailer Tuesday, then you’ll know all about my love for Lava, even before I’d seen it!). The story in Lava is just so emotional. It lead me into Inside Out already balling my eyes out!

Thanks for reading guys! If you watch any of these shorts because of this, please let me know! I’d love to know what you thought of them 🙂 and don’t forget to show your love for the creators!