I Am Legend
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The Movies Tag Q36 + Q37: Most overrated actress + Best tear-jerker?

QUESTION: Most overrated actress?
ANSWER: No-one at all

As you may be able to tell, I have ummed and ahhed over this question for a few weeks now. I have finally come to a conclusion. There are no overrated actresses. There. That’s my answer.

Moving on…

QUESTION: Best tear-jerker?
ANSWER: I Am Legend

Man that trailer’s good.

I guess you might not really call I Am Legend a tear-jerker, because it’s not a film that makes you cry all the way through. However, I have chosen it as my best tear-jerker because it features the scene that made me cry like I have never cried to any other scene in any other film. Ever.

SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT. Just warning you.

Let me bring you up to speed: The main character of I Am Legend is played by Will Smith. His character’s name is Robert. Robert has a dog named Sam. They are seemingly the last human and dog on Earth, and they have a very strong relationship. Earth is infested with human-esk, zombie-like creatures that will of course infect you with their disease if they manage to cut you. 

The scene I mentioned briefly before is the scene in which Robert realises Sam has been infected by these creatures, and is becoming like them. Rabid, violent, vicious, dangerous… He loves her more than anything. He knows she loves him, but she is showing much more anger. And much more teeth. If Robert dies, the human race will die too. He knows what he has to do, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

There is a struggle, but Robert wins… You see the life drain from Sam’s body, her eyes. You feel the pain of Robert letting his best and only friend go.

It’s one of the most destroying things I’ve ever had to watch. I cried with my entire body. I physically felt it everywhere, as if it was happening to me right there. I have teary eyes and a lump in my throat recalling it now.

So, it might not be classed as your typical tear-jerker, but watching just that scene alone, I cried the tears of ten-thousand tear-jerkers.

My apologies that it has been a while since the last Movies Tag question. Hopefully now that we are over the hurdle that was question 36, they will go back to your normal once-weekly schedule! So check back next week for the next question: Remake you wish had never been made?

This is The End
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The Movies Tag Q35: Most overrated actor?

QUESTION: Most overrated actor?
ANSWER: James Franco

It’s difficult to pinpoint why I find James Franco overrated. When I think about his acting, or perhaps his ‘acting’, I don’t think of comedy, or funniness, nor serious acting, but I do think of anger and aggression. I wouldn’t be able to tell you why, because I just don’t know. Perhaps it’s just an image I’ve built in my mind because of confusion as to why I don’t like him, but there is a definite aggression in there. Either way, I know for sure, I don’t like him. Or at least, his acting.

The first film I think of which he has been in is This is The End. He is being himself in this film, as is everyone else, and I really wasn’t keen. It could have just been the whole idea of all the actors being themselves in a film that was odd for me. Nevertheless, with all of his roles, he freaks me out and makes me uncomfortable. 

Additionally, and apparently contrary to popular opinion, I don’t like him and Seth Rogan together either (although I’m not a big fan of Seth Rogan either, at all).

I don’t wish to randomly bash actors, and to be honest, answering these kind of negative questions from The Movies Tag makes me uncomfortable anyway, so I have tried to put thought into why I have chosen James Franco. Sometimes it’s just a feeling, you know? Sorry James Franco, and Seth Rogan (and Tom Cruise, I don’t really get him either… sorry).

The Wolf of Wallstreet
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The Movies Tag Q33: Most overrated film?

QUESTION: Most overrated film?
ANSWER: The Wolf of Wallstreet

On IMDb, The Wolf of Wallstreet currently has a rating of 8.2. My rating? 5. When I think a film is average, I give it a 7, so a 5 is pretty low for me. Maybe I didn’t get the point of this film, because I remember saying to my sister after watching it for the first (and only) time, that it glorifies crime, drugs, and just generally being a terrible person. ‘Cause he got away with it. But she thinks it does the opposite, it shows how bad these things are, and that you can’t get away with it. I just didn’t get that. Perhaps I couldn’t relate to any of the shenanigans: I remember feeling somewhat uncomfortable during some of the scenes, and because of this I didn’t even find the meant-to-be-funniest scene, well… funny.

I do want to give it another chance. Maybe on the second watch I will be able to see it in a different light. I will get round to it eventually, but for now, it’s not my top priority.

What do you think of The Wolf of Wallstreet? Do you think it’s overrated? Which film do you think is the most overrated?