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The Movies Tag Q32: Films you want to see but never got round to watching?

QUESTION: Films you want to see but never got round to watching?

There are so many films I still haven’t got round to watching, so I thought I’d pick a few main ones from my watchlist on IMDB:

1. Ratatouille

When this came out, it shot straight over my head. Since a few years after its release, whenever it would come up in conversation everyone would say that it’s really good! 

2. Now You See Me

I remember being really interested in the trailers around the time of its release, but I wasn’t compelled enough to go to the cinema. I still really want to watch it, especially after seeing how good Now You See Me 2 looks.

3. Mary and Max

Mary and Max was recommended to me by my sister, so in ways it is top of my priority list. When she recommends a film, you know it’s gonna be good. This is apparently sad, but good.

4. Her

The only thing I have ever seen of this film is the poster. That’s it. No trailers, no clips, nothing (I haven’t even watched the trailer I’ve placed just above this text). I don’t want to know anything, until I’ve seen the film of course. The poster was that good.

5. Oculus

This made my watchlist during uni when I was doing some research for a project involving eyes and seeing. I don’t think it was out at the time, which is why I haven’t watched it yet, as I finished the project before its release, but it still looks like a horrific horror (it looks good!).

6. Boyhood

I was intrigued by the filming technique adopted by Boyhood filmmakers. I still am!

7. Horns

I was lucky enough to sit in on the edit of some of the trailers for Horns, and that’s when I got interested in it. What was weird however, was that on the date of its release, my strong desire turned into ‘I’ll watch it one day.’

8. Birdman

Like Her, I know nothing about this film, but unlike Her, I haven’t seen the poster, I’ve literally seen nothing. I don’t know why I want to see it if I’m honest!

9. Kingsman: The Secret Service

Part of Kingsman: The Secret Service was filmed just down the road from my house. In fact, it was apparently the coolest part of the film!

But, just like all the rest of the films on this list, something has stopped me from seeing Kingsman, and, as is for the rest of the list as well, that something is procrastination and lack of overwhelming compulsion. But I will, I will!

If you’ve seen any of the films on my list, what did you think of them? No spoilers of course! 😉