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The Movies Tag Q39: Favourite movie location/setting?

QUESTION: Favourite movie location/setting?
ANSWER: Pocahontas

I’m pretty sure I’ve answered another Movies Tag question with Pocahontas before, but I don’t care! The beauty of the location in Pocahontas is undeniable!

Due to the film being themed around the land and nature, the idea of using the natural surroundings comes naturally. Nature, you know? I love trees and water, especially, of which there is plenty in Pocahontas. Nature is so important in the film it even becomes one of the supporting characters, in the form of Grandmother Willow. And of course, Disney has a way with colours like no other, which enhances the magnificence of every scene. Just Google something like ‘Pocahontas scene’ and you’ll see what I mean. Rhymes.

A quick note about Trailer Tuesday for those who are wondering: it will be back! It’s just been a crazy time for me recently so I am going to have to do a monthly round up 🙂

I refuse to believe anyone can dislike the Pocahontas setting. So instead my question for you is this: Is there an even greater movie location/setting than Pocahontas?