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The Movies Tag Q45: Most annoying actors?

QUESTION: Most annoying actors?
ANSWER: Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson

It’s another one of those questions from The Movies Tag that I don’t really want to answer!

I don’t find Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson thaaaat annoying… but if I had to pick someone, it would be them, I guess!  Separately and together (sorry guys). I do like some of the films they are in though!

The worst thing is, I can’t even pin down a particular reason why I sometimes  find them annoying… I just do 😦

Bleh let’s just get this Movies Tag question over and done with!

This is The End
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The Movies Tag Q35: Most overrated actor?

QUESTION: Most overrated actor?
ANSWER: James Franco

It’s difficult to pinpoint why I find James Franco overrated. When I think about his acting, or perhaps his ‘acting’, I don’t think of comedy, or funniness, nor serious acting, but I do think of anger and aggression. I wouldn’t be able to tell you why, because I just don’t know. Perhaps it’s just an image I’ve built in my mind because of confusion as to why I don’t like him, but there is a definite aggression in there. Either way, I know for sure, I don’t like him. Or at least, his acting.

The first film I think of which he has been in is This is The End. He is being himself in this film, as is everyone else, and I really wasn’t keen. It could have just been the whole idea of all the actors being themselves in a film that was odd for me. Nevertheless, with all of his roles, he freaks me out and makes me uncomfortable. 

Additionally, and apparently contrary to popular opinion, I don’t like him and Seth Rogan together either (although I’m not a big fan of Seth Rogan either, at all).

I don’t wish to randomly bash actors, and to be honest, answering these kind of negative questions from The Movies Tag makes me uncomfortable anyway, so I have tried to put thought into why I have chosen James Franco. Sometimes it’s just a feeling, you know? Sorry James Franco, and Seth Rogan (and Tom Cruise, I don’t really get him either… sorry).

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
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The Movies Tag Q26: Top 5 actors?

QUESTION: Top 5 actors?
ANSWER: A bunch of intertwining actors who have starred in Harry Potter, Sweeny Todd, The Dark Knight, and Inception! Read on…


5. Johnny Depp

Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeny Todd

Johnny Depp is one of those well-rounded actors who can take on anything. He can be funny, crazy, serious, emotional, or just plain beautiful. I love him in Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, and pretty much anything he does, and while I’ve not heard good things about one of his latest, Mortdecai, I’m still very keen to
see it!

4. Alan Rickman

Harry Potter, Sweeny Todd, Love Actually

Alan Rickman is another one who holds a special place in my heart, because of Harry Potter of course. His portrayal of Severus Snape is heart-wrenching and perfect, and I
love him.

3. Michael Caine

The Dark Knight, The Italian Job, Inception

Michael Caine is Michael Caine! I haven’t actually seen too many of his films, but he makes the list because he means a lot to me as Alfred in the Dark Knight trilogy.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Titanic, Shutter Island, Inception, The Revenant

I’ve probably seen more of Leonardo DiCaprio’s films out of all the actors on this list. Most recently, it was The Revenant, which blew my mind. It’s mostly due to the cinematography, but Leo was truly exceptional in his role as, well, a father. It’s difficult to find a role in which he isn’t exceptional. He does seem to have this thing with his characters seeing their wives in their heads a lot of the time though… 

1. Gary Oldman

The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, Léon

When writing this list I thought to myself ‘at least I’ve got one person from Harry Potter‘, and I’ve only just now remembered that Gary Oldman played the role of one of my favourite characters in HP, Sirius Black. I do this a lot with Gary Oldman – forget that he’s in things – which is why I think I love him. He completely becomes someone else and I forget that it is him portraying a character.

Special mention: Heath Ledger’s Joker

I felt I had to mention Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker. While I don’t feel I can say he is one of my top 5 actors, Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight is my favourite acting from anyone ever. 

Special mention… again: Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum is here because my best friend is pretty much obsessed with him. Yeah there’s no pretty much about it, she is obsessed. But I also do love him in Jurassic Park!

Let me know who your favourite actor is! I’d also love to know which films you enjoyed my top 5 actors in 🙂