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The Movies Tag Q45: Most annoying actors?

QUESTION: Most annoying actors?
ANSWER: Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson

It’s another one of those questions from The Movies Tag that I don’t really want to answer!

I don’t find Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson thaaaat annoying… but if I had to pick someone, it would be them, I guess!  Separately and together (sorry guys). I do like some of the films they are in though!

The worst thing is, I can’t even pin down a particular reason why I sometimes  find them annoying… I just do 😦

Bleh let’s just get this Movies Tag question over and done with!

Paul Dano
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The Movies Tag Q44: Weird actor crush?

QUESTION: Weird actor crush?
ANSWER: Paul Dano

There is a whole lot of weird surrounding this question, because what makes an actor crush weird? I’m taking things into my own hands and I’ll interpret it as follows…

My weird actor crush is Paul Dano, because the first film I saw him in was 12 Years a Slave, in which he played a bad-natured character called Tibeats. What makes it weird is that, while I hated what Tibeats was doing, I was strangely drawn in by Dano’s voice and, to put it somewhat bluntly, his face! It was a very conflicting time for me!

Another layer of weirdness comes from seeing him in Prisoners, a 2013 film I watched some time after seeing 12 Years a Slave, but without knowing Dano was in it. His character in Prisoners is very creepy… very creepy. Usually if I am scared enough by a character, I tend to associate that feeling with the actor as well, so it’s unusual for me to crush on an actor who has played that sort of creepy character. Michael Fassbender, for example, held a lot of hatred in my mind because of 12 Years a Slave, and it is only recently that he has gradually gotten back into my good books.*

I haven’t really seen Paul Dano in anything else, but I am very excited to see him in Swiss Army Man, along with Daniel Radcliffe, which I’m sure is just going to add a third layer of weirdness, cause how can any character in Swiss Army Man not be weird?!

*I realise that this sounds like I don’t know the difference between acting and real life. Don’t worry, I do, I think it is a testament to an actor’s skill if they can make me that scared of them, but when it really comes down to it, I’m just having a bit of fun and I don’t actually hate an actor because of how well they played an evil part!

If you read last week’s Movies Tag post, you’ll know I promised you a short answer much like the last. Clearly that promise has been broken! I hope you enjoyed it anyway 🙂

Lord of the Rings
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The Movies Tag Q43: Actor crush?

QUESTION: Actor crush?
ANSWER: Orlando Bloom

It’s got to be. Orlando Bloom as Legolas is everything I’ll ever need. Honourable mentions: Channing Tatum, and Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson.

Gosh, that was one of the longest, most difficult posts I’ve ever had to write. Look forward to more heavy reading in the form of the next Movies Tag question: Weird actor crush?

This is The End
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The Movies Tag Q35: Most overrated actor?

QUESTION: Most overrated actor?
ANSWER: James Franco

It’s difficult to pinpoint why I find James Franco overrated. When I think about his acting, or perhaps his ‘acting’, I don’t think of comedy, or funniness, nor serious acting, but I do think of anger and aggression. I wouldn’t be able to tell you why, because I just don’t know. Perhaps it’s just an image I’ve built in my mind because of confusion as to why I don’t like him, but there is a definite aggression in there. Either way, I know for sure, I don’t like him. Or at least, his acting.

The first film I think of which he has been in is This is The End. He is being himself in this film, as is everyone else, and I really wasn’t keen. It could have just been the whole idea of all the actors being themselves in a film that was odd for me. Nevertheless, with all of his roles, he freaks me out and makes me uncomfortable. 

Additionally, and apparently contrary to popular opinion, I don’t like him and Seth Rogan together either (although I’m not a big fan of Seth Rogan either, at all).

I don’t wish to randomly bash actors, and to be honest, answering these kind of negative questions from The Movies Tag makes me uncomfortable anyway, so I have tried to put thought into why I have chosen James Franco. Sometimes it’s just a feeling, you know? Sorry James Franco, and Seth Rogan (and Tom Cruise, I don’t really get him either… sorry).